What are Terpenes and Why Should I Care?

Cannabis terpenes are the new rage hitting the cannabis industry. If you have been to a dispensary, or spoken with your delivery company lately, you might have caught wind of some sort of product that contains terpenes. Cannabis terpenes are a new form of concentrate found in specific strains of cannabis. These concentrates, terpenes, have different effects when ingested alongside cannabis, or by themselves. Patients have found pain relief without the “high” commonly associated with cannabis ingestion by simply ingesting cannabis terpenes. This has opened up avenues for medical cannabis patients to use their medicine all day long without worrying about the debilitating effects of THC. Retaining your coherence and delivering the relief you need is the ultimate goal of any medical treatment.

What are Terpenes?

Terpenes are an interesting secretion from multiple plants, including specific strains of medical cannabis. Cannabis terpenes are especially interesting because they have different effects compared to THC, CBD, and other varying cannabinoids. Terpenes have always been present in certain cannabis strains, and now that they have been identified, growers have begun to extract them into higher concentrations. Once concentrated, the medical benefits of terpene solutions are obvious. There is a need for further medical studies and research, but the overall benefits of terpene concentrates are starting to catch on with the general populace.

What effect do Terpenes have on my Medical Cannabis?

Different varieties of medical cannabis have different varieties of terpenes specific to the strain of cannabis. These terpenes have varying effects dependent upon strain and concentration. Patients now have the ability to experiment with strain specific terpenes. Effects of cannabis terpenes in concentrated form vary depending upon the patient, but overall benefits are comparable to a multitude of medications. Some terpenes have no medical benefit, but offer aromas present in specific strains of cannabis. Wide ranging effects of cannabis terpenes are continuously being discovered and studied further.

Should I pay attention to Terpenes content as much as THC content?

Yes, if terpenes are your preferred ingredient of medical cannabis, breakthroughs have made it possible to obtain pure cannabis terpenes. There are a multitude of products entering the market that contain concentrated cannabis terpenes, and it is worth your time to investigate their medical benefit. Your dispensary bud tender or delivery company can explain cannabis terpenes effects. Terpene based products are still being pioneered as cannabis terpene manufacturing/extraction becomes popular.

Are Terpenes natural?

Absolutely. Terpenes are not a foreign chemical, or manufactured product introduced to cannabis. Terpenes are natural secretions found in a variety of plants, similar to sap and resin. Terpenes are also the main ingredient in a familiar solvent, Turpentine. The extent in which specific terpenes are being used in the cannabis industry continues to grow. As more and more beneficial terpenes are found, more terpene based products will hit your local dispensary. Ask your local dispensary or delivery company about the advantages of terpene specific products and how they can help with your specific condition.

Cannabis terpene concentrates are appearing in your cannabis dispensaries, and delivery companies have started stocking them. Cannabis terpenes have unique properties that help medical cannabis patients obtain medical relief, without experiencing the disorienting high. Ingesting cannabis terpenes, or mixing them with your current medicine regime, can greatly increase the effectiveness of your medical cannabis. Determining the effect of specific terpenes is specific to individuals, but there is a wide spectrum of possible relief for patients suffering from a variety of ailments. If you are a medical cannabis patient, it is worth your time to investigate the relief available from terpene based medications.

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