Strains of Cannabis and Their Effects

We have all seen the names, and we have all seen the references. Medical Cannabis has gained the notoriety of having a multitude of names throughout pop culture. Skunk, Kush, Weed, Ganja, and the list goes on and on. Do these names hold any weight to the actual effect of the medicine? The question is asked again and again, and the industry is finally making strides to answering this question. Tracing the genealogy of a specific strain is one thing, but actually revealing the genetics of each strain is the ultimate goal. This is an extremely expensive and difficult process, but there are companies actively attempting to lock down the genetic makeup of medical cannabis strains, which in turn has led to an increase in funding towards research and development of medical cannabis strains. Only time will tell what a strains name means towards its potency.

Do different Strains of Cannabis have different effects?

Yes. However, because cannabis is still listed as a schedule 1 drug under the DEA’s guidelines, recommending specific medical benefits of any one strain is illegal. This leads the industry into its current situation where references to specific medical benefits are mum and helping patients feel better is the only route to medical relief. As time goes on, and states like California make strides to legalize recreational marijuana, medical benefits will start to be listed alongside the name of the strain.

Why is it so difficult to find information about different Strains of Cannabis and their effects?

The reason it is so difficult to find information about different strains of Cannabis and their effects is because the FDA and other federal regulatory bodies have deemed medical cannabis a schedule 1 narcotic. As absurd as this sounds, it makes relaying any medical benefit of cannabis nearly impossible. Thankfully, the powers that be are finally recognizing the medical benefits of cannabis and we can hope in our lifetime that the federal law regarding medical cannabis will change.

Can I rely on certain Strains of Cannabis to have the same effects?

In the past, no, you could not rely on certain strains of cannabis to have the same effects. Different growing conditions, environments, stress, and a multitude of additional factors weigh into the consistency of any strain of cannabis. Now that the industry has attempted to standardize testing, patients will be able to rely on strains of cannabis to have a consistent effect. Only time will tell how much scientific investment advances the medical benefits of medical cannabis.

How far has testing come on Strains of Cannabis and their effects?

Testing strains of cannabis and their effects has grown exponentially from where it was only a few years ago. Simple testing for mold, containiments, and hazardous chemicals has become commonplace, and genetic testing is finally starting to come down in price. Once genetic testing has entered the medical cannabis industry at an affordable rate, testing strains of cannabis will advance our knowledge on which strains are effective for which ailments. Hopefully, all this science leads to a multitude of medical benefits for patients around the world.

As specific strains of cannabis continue to be tested, our overall knowledge of medical cannabis advances. Unfortunately, we can not apply this knowledge to the masses until the federal government reschedules medical cannabis and retrains the Drug Enforcement Administration. Until the federal government does this simple task, medical and scientific advances found within the medical cannabis industry will be withheld from the general public.

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