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Cannabis/Marijuana Delivery Services

Cannabis/Marijuana Delivery Done Right

The East Bay is littered with Cannabis/Marijuana Delivery Services which makes it difficult to sift through and find the right delivery service provider worth your time and hard earned money. A good portion of dispensaries in the East Bay are in it solely for the money and will leave patients high and dry when it comes to superb customer service. It is best to avoid these types of dispensaries and support cannabis/marijuana delivery service providers that provide a superb service while stocking the highest quality cannabis/marijuana at reasonable prices. 

There are too many listing directories to count at this point in time because it took Google a while to come around to listing Cannabis/Marijuana Delivery Services in their search results. This has led to a marketing bonanza where customers and cannabis users are enticed by flashy marketing instead of quality of product and customer service. The hard part is that as a potential cannabis/marijuana user there is a high chance of getting “stuck” using a cannabis/marijuana delivery service that you become comfortable with no matter the price or services provided. It is all too natural because it is similar to ordering pizza. Once you get your routine down, you have little incentive to change your ordering habits unless price and service become noticeably bad. 

Avoiding the cannabis/marijuana delivery paralysis is easier these days because our industry has finally started to appear in Google Searches. This means that the marketing bonanza involved with listing sites and online cannabis/marijuana directories is finally having to compete with natural search results and analytics. Thankfully, this has led to a wide variety of cannabis/marijuana businesses, like Shoot the Moon, proving their worth by consistently offering amazing cannabis/marijuana products while providing top of the industry customer service. 

5 Tips for Finding the Right Cannabis/Marijuana Delivery Service for You

  • Consistency- When it comes to cannabis/marijuana delivery services in the East Bay, consistency is king because nothing is worse than not being able to rely on your go-to cannabis/marijuana delivery service provider
  • Product Quality- Right behind consistency is product quality. Due to seed to sale regulations, it is easier than ever for cannabis/marijuana users to see the quality of cannabis/marijuana they are purchasing
  • Customer Service- In a close third to product quality is customer service because the cannabis/marijuana industry is chock full of problematic issues that cannabis/marijuana users can encounter, and without solid customer service, your cannabis/marijuana delivery service provider could be hurting rather than helping
  • Delivery Time- Delivery time could be considered part of consistency, but in reality, delivery time consistency is a matter of industry experience because delivery times for cannabis/marijuana delivery companies vary depending upon how they are managed
  • Discounts- Marketing has been the differentiating factor for many cannabis/marijuana delivery service providers for years and this has only been compounded by seed to sale tracking which means it is in your best interest to use a cannabis/marijuana service provider who actively promotes discounts and deals

How to use Cannabis/Marijuana Delivery Services to your advantage

Cannabis/marijuana delivery service providers are more than just storefronts to order cannabis/marijuana products. Most people don’t know that you can ask your local cannabis/marijuana delivery service providers to offer specific cannabis/marijuana products and we will more than likely go out of our way to stock said product. There are still cannabis/marijuana delivery companies that practice the old, disgruntled manner of selling cannabis/marijuana, but it is easier than ever to find a high quality cannabis/marijuana delivery service provider like Shoot the Moon in this day and age.

What to do after you have ordered Cannabis/Marijuana Delivery Services

Remember your experience! Recall how difficult/easy it was to place your order, was it hard the first time but easy as hell the second time? Was the delivery time adequate for traffic/conditions of the day? Was the cost worth the quality and did they help enough along the way? Were they available for my questions? Ask these questions about your cannabis/marijuana delivery service every so often to keep them in check. It is worth the effort because there are superb cannabis/marijuana delivery companies that have adapted throughout time, like Shoot the Moon, to consistently meet their client’s requirements.

Advantages to Using Higher Quality Cannabis/Marijuana Delivery Services

There really are too many dispensaries and cannabis/marijuana delivery services to choose from in the East Bay. It makes finding the highest quality delivery company akin to finding the best pizza delivery company. Cost will always be the main factor deciding your choice. However, there are advantages to developing close relationships with higher quality cannabis/marijuana delivery services. First, you can almost always ask for specific cannabis/marijuana products be put to the side for your regular purchase/consumption. Second, specific cannabis/marijuana products can be located and stocked. And lastly, the first cannabis/marijuana user’s to become aware of any discounts offered from a cannabis/marijuana delivery company are their patrons. Being on a newsletter or being in direct contact and simply asking owners/operators about discounts is the best way to take advantage of higher quality cannabis/marijuana delivery services.

Here is an example Menu for ordering Cannabis/Marijuana Delivery Services in the East Bay

As you can tell, cannabis/marijuana delivery ordering has modernized itself to become easy to order online. All you need is a government issued identification card that proves you are of legal age and you can order cannabis/marijuana delivery from a wide assortment of cannabis/marijuana delivery companies. The great thing about these modern cannabis/marijuana menus online is that it gives cannabis/marijuana delivery service providers the ability to quickly update their product inventories. Have you ever looked at a dispensaries menu only to drive all the way there and find the cannabis/marijuana product not in stock? This is completely avoided with cannabis/marijuana delivery companies like Shoot the Moon.

Why does this all matter

The only thing a consumer can do to keep businesses they care about in business is to use said business’s services. A large, corporate branded and funded cannabis/marijuana delivery company will be more focused on marketing than providing customer service. This can lead to lackluster delivery times, mismanaged services, and confrontational delivery drivers. Nothing is worse than feeling like your cannabis/marijuana delivery service providers don’t care about you or your money. That is why all of this matters. Asking the right questions and figuring out how to take advantage of the cannabis/marijuana delivery industry is how you find cannabis/marijuana delivery service providers worth using. 

The Bottom line with Cannabis/Marijuana Delivery Service Providers

Work with cannabis/marijuana delivery service providers who are there for you. It really is that simple, but can be difficult to sift through all the marketing to see the true service provided by any cannabis/marijuana delivery service provider in the East Bay.

At Shoot the Moon, we support our clients in every possible way that we can. Information, cannabis/marijuana products, and everything in between is what we provide our cannabis/marijuana users in the East Bay.

On top of that, consistency is king and we believe that our consistent service puts us above the rest. Put us to the test and you will find your new favorite cannabis/marijuana delivery service provider.

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