Beta Myrcene-Sedative pain relief/Indica(1g)

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Isolated Beta Myrcene by Nectar stick is a concentrate that is in a syringe that can be used sublingual, dabbed or placed in food. The effects will be a natural feeling high that comes on slow and peaks for hours. use this medication at night as a sleep aid. The flavor is very light on the pallet with hints of vanilla and mild herbs. One important note about myrcene is that it works synergistically with THC. This allows cannabinoids to bridge the blood-brain barrier more easily, creating stronger sensations in users. Some of the benefits linked to intake of beta-myrcene include anti-inflammatory benefits, as well as use as a pain reliever. It is naturally antibiotic, and it can be used as a sedative, as well. Marijuana users who take in a significant amount of myrcene with THC sometimes report an indica-like effect in terms of sedation. Interestingly, beta-myrcene has also been linked to antimutagenic properties, making it a potential tool in the fight against many forms of cancer. It can also work in concert with other terpenes to augment their effects. Myrcene is found in all strains of Cannabis.


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