Bacio Gelato (Hybrid) Shugga


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Bacio Gelato Shugga like the flower it comes from is a highly sought after strain from Cookies family, specifically Girl Scout Cookie X Sunset Sherbet. The smoke is extremely and is a great daytime high. Even though the Thc levels are over 70% their is no lethargy and lends itself to creative function, time to plant that garden perhaps😝 Bacio Gelato is highly recommended as a daytime smoke to chase off anxiety, depression, and the bad feels. If you’re in an environment where you might get anxious or afraid while medicated, this is the right strain. It excels at eliminating nervousness, and leaves you happy as a kid going out for ice cream. Aroma isFruity and citrusy, but not like soda or candy. This pheno carries the scent of real fruit. A deep and robust lavender taste you would not expect from a Girl Scout Cookie hybrid, not sweet but very thick and smooth.


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