Medical Marijuana Delivery versus Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

The great debate amongst Medical Marijuana enthusiasts is whether it is better to visit your local dispensary or to have your Medical Marijuana delivered. In most cases, as long as the medicine is the same, the choice is delivery. There are pro’s and con’s for each situation, but the choice comes down to your personal preference. Ultimately, there are uses for having a Medical Marijuana Delivery Company and a Medical Marijuana Dispensary in your periphery. There is no winning side to the debate because both dispensaries and delivery companies have benefits for all patients.

What are the advantages of a Medical Marijuana Delivery Company?

The number one advantage of using a Medical Marijuana Delivery Company is convenience. Driving, busing, biking, and other forms of transportation around San Francisco are tedious and take time away from your day to accomplish. By avoiding this completely, Medical Marijuana Delivery Companies have a major leg up on dispensaries for convenience. However, not having a brick and mortar location makes it difficult for patients who like to touch and feel every different type of medicine. This tradeoff is the main difference between a delivery company and a dispensary.

What are the advantages of a Medical Marijuana Dispensary?

Diversity of product, multiple budtenders to talk with, and a physical location are all advantages of a Medical Marijuana Dispensary. Being able to touch and feel your medicine is a big factor for a lot of people when it comes to finding out what works best for them. It is understandable if you are one of these people and prefer using a Dispensary to find your favorite products. Another advantage of a Medical Marijuana Dispensary is that you can usually get to know the owner of the business personally. This is rare in the business world and gives you direct insight into how the owner views his business.

Which one is ultimately better?

Ultimately, it is a personal preference issue. It all depends on how you like to obtain your medical marijuana. Ideally, there are viable uses for having a local dispensary and having a local delivery company. Do not feel locked into a location once you start obtaining medicine from them. You are free to pick and choose and change your mind about any medical marijuana business in San Francisco.

There are no winners or losers in the debate whether patients should use a Medical Marijuana Delivery Company or go to their local Medical Marijuana Dispensary. The answer is that both have their pro’s and con’s and should be treated for what they best offer. The dispensary is a great place to go check out a lot of different medicine up close and personal. You can take your time and walk around and ask questions about things. A delivery company, on the other hand, is great for someone who already knows what they want and have no need to go down to the dispensary and examine all the different products. The answer of which to choose is up to your situation.

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