Edibles and Micro Dosing

For people who don’t enjoy inhaling THC, CBD, CBN, etc., edibles are a godsend. Edibles have long been the go to medication for people who do not enjoy alternate methods of administering medical cannabis. Now, the market for edibles has expanded tremendously compared to only a few years ago, and the medical dosages within edibles has been finely tuned. Edibles in the current industry give patients a new ability, known as micro dosing. The ability to microdose with edibles is quickly becoming a favorite among medical cannabis patients.

What are Edibles and Micro Dosing?

Edibles are any edible version of medical marijuana. This can be in a multitude of forms and new edible versions of medical marijuana are created constantly, for example- gummy bears, jolly ranchers, lollipops, infused beverages, jams and jellies, popcorn, and all sorts of different confectionary goods. The edible medical cannabis industry is in full bloom and the latest craze sweeping the industry is Micro Dosing. With edibles, controlling the amount of active medical ingredients(THC, CBD, CBN, etc.) is controlled because the only amount baked into edibles can be strictly monitored.

Where can I get Edibles that allow me to Microdose in San Francisco?

Ask your preferred dispensary or medical cannabis delivery company about their assortment of edibles for micro dosing. The added benefit of branded, edible medical cannabis products is that the majority of high traffic dispensaries and delivery companies will stock the most preferred branded products. This gives patients reliability in their preferred medical cannabis delivery methods and helps maintain a consistent microdosing regime. If patients have to constantly hunt for their preferred edibles for microdosing, your schedule may be thrown off and the medical effects of cannabis will be different than what the patient is expecting.

Is there a difference between the THC in Edibles and the THC in raw flower form?

There is nothing chemically different between the THC in edibles and the THC in the raw flower form of cannabis. However, the effects may vary depending on method of administration. Consider the method of administration similar to that of alcohol. If you have ever been exposed to alcoholic drinks and different methods for consuming, then you know that administering a beer bong compared to casually sipping on a light beer result in different effects. The alcohol may be the same, but the method of administration changes the speed of effects. This can similarly be said about medical cannabis and its active ingredients in edibles compared to the raw flower form.

Should I try Micro Dosing?

Absolutely. If you are a medical cannabis patient in San Francisco, it is worth your time to research your local dispensary or delivery companies offering of microdosing edibles. There is no price difference between edibles and edibles available for micro dosing. The only difference between edibles and microdosing edible products is being fully informed of the active medical ingredients in one compared to another.

Edibles and Microdosing have driven the medical cannabis industry to go through an explosion of product design and creation. Instead of being put in a coma from administering your favorite medical cannabis, select edibles and microdosing enable medical cannabis patients to go through their day without any of the negative side effects of medical cannabis. It is worth your time to try microdosing to see if the effects are advantageous for your medical benefit. As the cannabis industry continues to grow and expand, new forms of administering medical cannabis and it’s ingredients will continue to become commonplace.

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