Cannabis Oil and It’s Uses

Cannabis oil is an amazing byproduct of cannabis that has medicinal properties equivalent to other cannabinoid concentrates. Depending upon the type of cannabis oil, the cannabinoids present will vary and have varying effects. Luckily, manufacturers have started to label their cannabis oil products with the listed amounts of cannabinoids(THC, CBD, CBM, etc.) present. A cannabis oil heavily concentrated with THC will have completely different effects when compared to a cannabis oil heavily concentrated with CBD. It is necessary to understand the differences to achieve the full potential of your medical regime. Ask your local dispensary budtender or delivery driver about specific information regarding their cannabis oil. They will answer any questions or concerns you might have.

What are the uses of Cannabis Oil?

Cannabis oil is a very potent, green liquid that contains monoterpenes, sesquiterpenes, and highly active organic compounds. These ingredients concentrated into an oil have unusual qualities when ingested by humans. The uses for cannabis oil are wide ranging and can be found in perfumes, soaps, candles, and cooked into edible goods. The vast majority of cannabis oil products differ around the world due to active cannabinoids present in the concentration. This is why certain products and uses of cannabis oil are restricted to medical cannabis patients.

Is Cannabis Oil the same as CBD Oil?

No. The concentrations of cannabinoids in cannabis oil and CBD oil are different. This is implied in the name because CBD oil contains higher concentrations of the cannabinoid CBD. In America, cannabis oil is available only to medical cannabis patients in approved medical cannabis states. In Europe, cannabis oil is primarily concentrated from hemp and contains high CBD concentrations and is available to the general public with no medical restrictions. The differences are not subtle and are obvious in differing medical benefits from CBD oil compared to THC oil. There are also mixed cannabis oils that contain both THC and CBD concentrations.

Why should I consider using Cannabis Oil?

Depending upon where you obtain the cannabis oil, effects can be equivalent or even more potent than ingesting THC through other methods. This can aid in relieving many different ailments, but relief depends on each patient. That is why it is in your best interest to give cannabis oil a try if you are a user of medical cannabis. Using cannabis oil is a healthy alternative to burning flowers, or even vaporizing concentrates.

Where can I purchase Cannabis Oil?

Cannabis oil can be purchased in many locations around the world. In San Francisco, you can purchase cannabis oil from any dispensary or local delivery company. Be mindful of the label on the oil because there are many different types and concentrations available to medical cannabis patients in San Francisco. Patients prefer to have a choice when it comes to their cannabis oil because they use it in an assortment of ways.

Be mindful of the cannabis oil you are ingesting. Not all cannabis oil is the same and dispensaries are well aware of this fact. That is why any cannabis oils will be clearly labeled with the concentration of cannabinoids. Whether it is THC, CBD, CBM, or any mixture of cannabinoids, cannabis oil has proven to have medical benefits for patients. It is best to ask your dispensary or delivery company which cannabis oil is best to start using for your specific ailments. Finding the right cannabis oil for your specific ailment can be a life changing moment. People suffering from debilitating ailments should absolutely give cannabis oil a try in all of its many forms. Taking a regime of pills to stop the pain will only lead to more powerful pills. Use cannabis oil instead to put an end to the deadly cycle of pill based pain relief.

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