Cannabis Derived CBD vs Hemp CBD

CBD oils, confections, and associated products are starting to find their way to stores in San Francisco. America in general is still restricting the sale of CBD products in many states, but medical cannabis friendly states have started to introduce CBD based products. Patients can find CBD based products in dispensaries and certain CBD products have found their way to stores open to the general public. In time, CBD products will be available to everyone in America, similar to Europe, but until that time, it is important to know whether your CBD product is derived from cannabis or hemp. Hemp based CBD products are becoming legal in certain states and it is worth your time to see if you can benefit from their use. However, benefits from hemp based CBD vary when compared to cannabis based CBD.

Is there a difference between Cannabis derived CBD and Hemp derived CBD?

Yes and no. It depends on how the CBD is concentrated from each source. There are ways to filter out the extra cannabinoids present within cannabis derived CBD, however, most concentrates of cannabis derived CBD do not have all cannabinoids completely filtered out. This creates a different type of CBD when compared to hemp derived CBD, and the accompanying medical benefits vary as well. This does not mean that cannabis derived CBD will have completely different effects, but there will be slightly different effects when compared to hemp derived CBD.

If there isn’t much of a difference, why compare the two?

It is important to compare the two, hemp based versus cannabis based CBD products, because there are laws in place to monitor and limit the sale of each across every country in the world. In some countries, hemp based CBD is completely legal and can be purchased from your local grocery store. However, in other countries, hemp based CBD is restricted to medical patients who have doctors permission. The other difference between the two derivatives is that cannabis based CBD has differing medical effects compared to hemp based CBD. Without knowing the difference, patients risk ingesting CBD oils with unexpected effects.

Why is extracting CBD from hemp such a problem?

Extracting CBD from hemp is such a problem because it takes a large amount of hemp to create a usable amount of CBD. Concentrating CBD from hemp is achievable where hemp farming is widely accepted and land is readily available, but this is not common in the U.S. As laws in states continue to change, hemp based CBD manufacturing in the U.S. will expand, but in the meantime, hemp based CBD is often imported from Europe.

Will the market ever allow Cannabis derived CBD oil to be sold?

In time, yes. Anything is possible with this industry. Twenty years ago, many of the products available to medical cannabis patients were a dream. Now, they are freely available across states participating in medical cannabis programs and recreational programs. In states like Colorado, recreational use has taken hold and began to advance the industry to new levels. Cannabis derived CBD oil is easily found throughout any of these states.

CBD is an effective medicine for a multitude of complications, however, different types of CBD products exist and it is important to find out which specific type of CBD you are ingesting. One CBD product may not have the same active ingredients as another type of CBD product. Cannabis derived CBD compared to hemp derived CBD may seem the same, but the active cannabinoids are different. As the industry expands, CBD based products will hit new markets and patients. Give them a try to figure out if they can benefit your life. It is worth a shot if you are currently taking any medications prescribed by a doctor.

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